Simple Ways to Save — Everyday!

Learn How to Save Big!Some of the things you purchase every day could really be costing you. So now’s the time to look more closely at those small expenses to see how they’re adding up, and to see how you could save big!

The simplest way to find savings opportunities is to calculate how much the item is actually costing you.

For example:


Cost per day

Cost per month

Cost per year

Fast Food
















Lottery Tickets









Your list may look very different, but whether it’s high-end coffee, lunches out, or money spent on gas, it’s wise to start paying attention to your frequent expenses to determine exactly how much of your monthly or annual budget is being spent.

The next step is to create a strategy to lower or eliminate those budget-crushing numbers. For example, if you were to incur even one late fee each month (utility bill, credit card payment, or even your cable), you could be paying up to $120 a year or more depending on how high the fee is. One solution is to sign up for FREE automatic bill payment. Your bills are sent automatically, on time, no postage needed!

When it comes to food, we all know that grabbing something on the fly, or in the office, can be the fastest way to go, but it’s not the cheapest. By eating fast food twice a week, you’re spending minimally $520 a year. Getting yourself prepared ahead of time with a pre-packed lunch AND snacks for the day can help you curb this habit and save money. As you grocery shop for the week, plan your lunches in advance so you can maximize your dollars by buying in bulk or choosing a “store brand” instead of the name brand option.

For nonessentials such as magazines or lottery tickets, the best way is to simply cut them out of your budget all together, or make them a much more rare purchase. Or, if you simply can’t go without knowing what happened on the red carpet, or the latest home improvement tip, read your favorite publication online, or use social media channels to stay up to date for free.

For more ways to help you save, contact Iowa State Bank today. Our products and services were designed to earn – and save – you more everyday!

Source: ISU Extension