Protect Your Identity on Vacation

Protect Your IdentityYour summer vacation should be carefree. Avoid the hassle and headache of identity theft as you make your summer travel plans. Consider these tips for protecting your identity:

  • Clean out your wallet and purse.
    Remove any unnecessary credit cards, your Social Security card and other unneeded documents that could compromise your identity if lost or stolen. Photocopy or make a list of the remaining contents and keep it in a secure and locked location. Leave your checkbook in a secure locked place at home.
  • Hold your mail and newspaper.
    Ask your post office or a trusted neighbor to hold your mail for you. Mail left in an unlocked mailbox is a goldmine for identity thieves.
  • Connect to the Internet with care.
    If you are bringing your laptop with you, be careful using Wi-Fi networks. Most Wi-Fi hotspots are unsecured and unencrypted, so you will need to take additional steps to protect your privacy. If you are using cyber-cafés, hotel business centers or other public-access Internet facilities, be aware that key loggers (software that can track you keystrokes) may be tracking you. Public-access facilities may use servers that aren’t encrypted. Therefore, you should avoid accessing any sensitive information from a public computer.
  • Use the hotel room safe.
    Do not leave your wallet or any documents containing personal information in your hotel room unattended.

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