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Bill Payer Service

Pay bills directly from your checking account by logging into Online Banking to find these Bill Payer features designed to make paying bills easy and stress-free.
  • Q: How Do I Get to Bill Payer?
    Log into Online Banking. Click on Checking Account & then click “Pay Bills” button.
  • Keep Your Money with YOU!
    Keep your money in your account until the date that your bill is due. No more waiting periods. Hold onto your money longer!
  • Schedule Payments by Due Date
    No more guessing on the number of days it will take the payment to reach its destination! Enter the date you would like your bill payment to be received.
  • Customer Support 7 Days a Week, 6 AM to Midnight!
  • Payment Guarantee
    Reimbursement for late-payment charges (up to $50) if a payment arrives late.
    (Some restrictions apply.)
  • Add New Bills Easily!
    Add new bills by typing in the company’s name. The vast database will automatically fill in the address when available. Add your account number. Make your payment. Simple!
  • NEW! Electronic Bill Presentment
    Receive bills electronically and make payments at one centralized place!