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Shazam Bolt$

New! Shazam Bolt$ from Iowa State Bank

Shazam Bolt$ is a mobile app that allows cardholders to receive 24/7 fraudulent activity alerts, block their card, and find surcharge-free ATMs wherever they are at no charge!

With reliable fraud protection, Shazam Bolt$ keeps you in the know and your card protected from potentially fraudulent charges. Shazam Bolt$ fraudulent activity alerts is a mobile early-warning system that sends enrolled cardholders:

  • Up to the minute alerts you define on:
    • Transaction Amounts
    • Purchases over the phone, through email, or online
  • Notice of suspicious or high risk transactions

If you’re enrolled, you have the ability to block your debit card, making it unable to be used until it is unblocked by you. You can do all this through the app and at your discretion in seconds.

Iowa State Bank still has the ability to block your card to protect your from fraud. You will be notified if this occurs. In this situation, only Iowa State Bank can unblock your card.

If you need cash and are in a new place, Shazam Bolt$ can help you locate surcharge-free ATMs in the area. Nearby locations will appear on a map in the app. You can select an ATM and Shazam Bolt$ will give you directions to its location.

Download the app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play and put the power to protect yourself from fraud back in your hands! Learn more...

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