Trust & Estate Planning


Kristie Brown
Vice President & Trust Officer

Complicated financial matters need unique solutions. Look no further … Iowa State Bank’s Trust Department offers a full range of financial products not found at your typical bank.

Trusts are created during someone’s life or through a will with the goals of providing for heirs and reducing taxes. By appointing the bank as trustee, an individual has the assurance that your money matters will be handled by a professional, objective party.

Court-ordered agreements appoint Iowa State Bank to act for an individual in managing his or her business and non-business affairs. This may be a choice for individuals who are becoming less capable of managing their affairs or for individuals whose children live outside of the area.

Simplify your investment decisions by giving the bank directives about your investment choices. You may direct all the investment
decisions with the bank carrying out your wishes, or permit the bank full investment authority.

Designate the Bank to manage your affairs based upon the responsibilities outlined in the written power of attorney agreement.

Set funds aside to provide burial funds at the time of death. Funds are payable to a funeral home with any excess funds paid to the estate.

NOTE: Stocks, bonds and mutual funds:

  • Are Non-deposit investments
  • Are NOT FDIC Insured
  • Have No Bank Guarantee
  • May Lose Value including possible loss of principal